Crusher Backing Compound

  • Monarch's KrushMore crusher backing compound is 100% solids epoxy compound for backing wear plates income and gyratory crushers offering extreme heavy duty crushing , maximum protection, positive support of wear lines and high volumetric stability.
  • The compound completely eliminates voids, misalignment and gaps between lines replacing conventional molten zinc pours which are dangerous and costly.
  • These crushers are used in applications for the reduction of materials like rock, iron ore, gypsum, river gravel, limestone, basalt, gabbro, magnetite and also for the aggregate crushing.


  • Primary and Secondary Cone Crushers.
  • All makes and models of Gyratory Crushers.
  • Grinding Mills.
  • Water Flush Systems
  • Locks and Dams
  • Toughest aggregate crushing applications
  • Grouting of ancillary equipments
  • As a damping material / reinforcement layer in machine bedding


  • KrushMore ARA
  •    Coat Bowl Liners & Threaded portions for easy removal.
  • KrushMore AAR

    Accelerates cure speed of Backing Compound in Cold weather Conditions


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