Crusher Backing Compound

  • Monarch's KrushMore crusher backing compound is 100% solids epoxy compound for backing wear plates income and gyratory crushers offering extreme heavy duty crushing , maximum protection, positive support of wear lines and high volumetric stability.
  • The compound completely eliminates voids, misalignment and gaps between lines replacing conventional molten zinc pours which are dangerous and costly.
  • These crushers are used in applications for the reduction of materials like rock, iron ore, gypsum, river gravel, limestone, basalt, gabbro, magnetite and also for the aggregate crushing.

Application Method.

  • Pour mixture immediately after mixing.pour at one place and allow KrushMore Crusher Backing Compound to fill the cavity and push out the air in front of it. Use dam (tin, cardboard, clay, etc.) to direct the flow when necessary. Unmixed resin (different color clinging to the sides and bottom) should not be drained into the crusher.
  • Succeeding kits may be mixed and poured individually as needed. KrushMore Crusher Backing Compound adheres to itself.


  • KrushMore ARA
  •    Coat Bowl Liners & Threaded portions for easy removal.
  • KrushMore AAR

    Accelerates cure speed of Backing Compound in Cold weather Conditions


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